Danish National NMR instruments

NMR Instruments

Denmark currently harbors one national NMR instrument at Aarhus University, at the Danish Center for Ultrahigh-Field NMR Spectroscopy, which is the largest assembly of high-field spectrometers in Denmark and hosts among others the only 950 MHz spectrometer in Scandinavia.

In addition, there are different local NMR instruments in our institutions. You can find links to the groups and instruments below, in the section “Local Nodes”.

Open Infrastructure

National 950 MHz Instrument Aarhus University

Danish Center for Ultrahigh Field NMR Spectroscopy; Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center and Department of Chemistry

The 22.3T (950 MHz) Bruker NMR Spectrometer at AU is equipped with a cryogenic cooled liquid-state probe, several solid-state MAS probes for both bio and material purposes and a few static solid-state probes. This magnet offers the highest sensitivity and resolution for most purposes in all of Northern Europe, and it is an actively shielded standard bore magnet used for both liquids and solids.

Local Infrastructure

The different institutions that take part in DANNMR have NMR equipments with diverse characteristics, ranging from 950 MHz to 300 MHz. Find more information about each of them in the links below:

10 state-of-the-art NMR-spectrometers from 950 MHz to 300 MHz, equipped for numerous purposes

Aarhus University

Department of Chemistry

300 MHz Varian INOVA, 400 MHz Bruker Avance III and 600 MHz Varian Direct Drive NMR-spectrometers

Roskilde University

Chemistry Research Group

Bruker Ascend 400 MHz, including auto-sampler and BCU II variable temperature control

Aalborg University

Wimmer Lab

Bruker 600 MHz NMR-spectrometer, cryogenic probe

Danish Technical University

NMR Center DTU

Several state-of-the-art Bruker NMR instrumentation of 400, 600 and 800 MHz

Danish Technical University


3 Bruker Avance Neo NMR-spectrometers of 400 and 500 MHz, and 1 Magritek Spinsolve 1T benchtop 1H / 13C NMR-spectrometer

University of Copenhagen

cOpenNMR Center

600, 750 and two 800 MHz NMR-spectrometers equipped for liquid protein spectroscopy

University of Southern Denmark

NMR laboratory

Bruker AVANCE III 400 MHz, Varian 500 MHz and Varian 600 MHz

Different members of DANNMR are also in need for upgrades or new instruments. Please, contact Caspar Elo Christensen (caspar.christensen@bio.ku.dk) if you have any questions or suggestions about the current instruments or about the new requirements, as well as about possible funding opportunities.

Pictures: Kaare Teilum working with the equipment at cOpenNMR Center, University of Copenhagen.

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