The former members of the Danish Academic NMR Consortium

DANNMR is an active and evolving Consortium in which many leaders and groups have taken part. The researchers below are former group leaders that greatly contributed to the DANNMR Consortium with their work along the years. Some of them are still active in other areas, others got retired. Find some details about them below.

Frans Mulder

Former affiliation: Århus University, Dept. Chemistry, iNANO – Laboratory for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

Now a Professor at the Johannes Keppler University in Linz, Mulder has been a part of the DANNMR community for many years, where he has been a group leader at Aarhus University looking at nature molecules with NMR spectroscopy trying to understand proteins and the wonders of life at fundamental level.

Michael Pedersen

Århus University, Dept. Clinical Medicine – Comparative Medicine Lab

Associate Professor and former head of the Biomolecular NMR group at University of Southern Denmark, specialized in NMR spectroscopy for molecular modeling of explore nucleic acids and nucleic acid-protein complexes, where he delved into the structural and dynamic aspects of LNA-modified nucleic acids and the structural properties of RNA molecules contributing to advancements in molecular understanding.

Klaus Bock

Danish Technical University, Carlsberg Research Laboratory, ERC

Former Associate Professor and head of the Chemistry Department at the Carlsberg Laboratory, where he also served as Executive Vice President for Research at Carlsberg A/S. Block authored 260 papers, notably in carbohydrate chemistry using NMR spectroscopy and was recognized with awards like the International Carbohydrate Award. He chaired the Danish National Research Foundation and played a key role in various scientific organizations. As Vice-President of the European Research Council, he oversaw the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain from 2016 to 2018.

Paul Erik Hansen

Roskilde University, Dept. Chemistry, Science and Environment

Now Professor Emeritus at Roskilde University, Hansen has been working with NMR for many years combining advanced theoretical calculations with organic synthesis to understand essential biological features as hydrogen binding, which is an important factor in the building blocks of life. During his time as a Professor, he has traveled extensively to collaborate with countries such as India, Vietnam and Iraq.

Ulla Gro Nielsen

University of Southern Denmark, Dept. Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Now working at the Novo Nordic Foundation, Nielsen was a Professor at University of Southern Denmark and a board member of DANNMR for many years. Her research group’s primary field was material, quantum, and environmental sciences, where they predominantly used Solid State NMR spectroscopy to characterize samples and examine the dynamics of inorganic materials.

Paul Stein

University of Southern Denmark, Dept. Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Analytical Chemistry

Associate Professor and former member of DANNMR from Southern Danish University specialized in utilizing NMR spectroscopy for drug development. Stein investigated the transport of substances through layers of water, mucus, and cells, focusing on enhancing drug solubility and bioavailability employing “nanocarriers” and combined NMR and MRI techniques to analyze transport characteristics to assess the impact of nanocarriers on bioavailability.

Knud Jørgen Jensen

University of Copenhagen, Dept. Chemistry

Professor at University of Copenhagen and former member of DANNMR, Jensen utilized NMR spectroscopy to investigate the intersection of synthetic chemistry, biology and biophysics. His work encompassed nanoscale self-assembly of peptides, peptide medicinal chemistry for hormones, innovative synthetic methodologies for solid-phase peptide synthesis, and chemo-selective carbohydrate chemistry. Using NMR spectroscopy, he provided crucial insights into the structural and dynamic aspects of complex biomolecules.

Claus Cornett

University of Copenhagen, Dept. Pharmacy, Microscale Analytical Systems

Former Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and a member of DANNMR focusing on NMR spectroscopy for structure elucidation and physical-chemical properties of small molecules. His group had a special emphasis on drug metabolites, where they optimized strategies for obtaining hyphenated NMR data. Additionally, he explored the integration of flow injection NMR and enhanced the processing of time-series NMR data using chemo-metric methods for quantitative analytical chemistry.

Flemming M. Poulsen

University of Copenhagen, Dept. Biology, SBiNLab

Professor and a key figure at the UCPH Biocenter who combined NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography to delve into atomic-level protein structures. Emphasizing NMR’s utility, he navigated challenges in studying kinetic reactions and properties, providing insight into biological macromolecules. Poulsen’s leadership extended to overseeing the relocation of NMR magnets, crucial for protein research, aligning with University of Copenhagen’s campus plan. The success culminated in a state-of-the-art research hub called cOpenNMR, enhancing innovation in protein structure studies and education.

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